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"This may be the very first Yelp review I have ever done... I have been seeing Jamie for over a year and a half now and she has helped me tremendously on my road to recovery after a serious health issue. She really listens to and cares about her patients and her priority is not to treat the symptoms but actually get to the root of the problem. I never feel rushed through treatments with Jamie... Her knowledge and experience in various treatment modalities (eastern and western medicine) is vast. She has pure passion for what she does and it really shows!"

– Jane F., Yelp Review, Solana Beach, CA

"Jamie is amazing! She treats the entire person---mind, body and soul. She never rushes her treatment; she spends the time getting to know you and each treatment takes as long as it takes. She treats what she feels is necessary for your well being. This gives me such confidence that I am so relaxed I often fall asleep knowing that the treatment is continuing to heal my body. I am a cancer survivor and I know that Jamie's treatments are continuing to keep me healthy."

– Sylvia D. , Yelp Review, Alameda, CA

"I have been to different acupuncturists over the years with varying styles, beliefs, and bedside manners, and Jamie is by far the most enthusiastic, non-judgmental and devoted to health and well-being.  Her background as a physical therapist was immensely helpful and her experience dealing with western medical practitioners keeps her advice extremely practical and manageable for people with busy lifestyles.  

She is an awesome listener and is able to bring that elusive mind-body connection to light in her treatments.  And, unlike the majority of acupuncturists I have visited, she doesn't make you feel like a loser for not leaving the office with $100 worth of "vitamins" after each visit!  She loves what she does, accepts health insurance, and went to great lengths to help me heal both physically and emotionally.  She is a true healer."

– Alison H. , Yelp Review, Alameda, CA


"I've been seeing Jamie for about 4 years now.  I started going to her because of my low thyroid issues I have had since I was a child. Regular treatments with her really helped me feel at my best along with the supplements for thyroid support she provided. I got pregnant and Jamie was such a blessing to have throughout my pregnancy! She treats for easy, problem free labor and delivery, lets just say I had the baby in 3 hours after seeing her and everything went smooth, no complications. She helps with post partum as well which is very important!  Jamie is a true blessing!!!!"

– California G., Yelp Review, San Leandro, CA

"After six terrifying and unsuccessful years of infertility treatments I was devastated by multiple losses and was nearly convinced that my dream of being a Mother wasn't going to happen. At the time my infertility doctor was shoving pills, shots, chemical and hormonal treatments at me as fast as the prescription pad could be filled out. That Kaiser Specialist, deemed one of the best available to me, had over 1000 active patients seen only during her Wednesday morning office hours.  I was alone. I felt crazy, sad and so completely lost in my grief that I didn't think I would ever feel good again. Frustrated and in constant pain I stopped seeing the specialist and as a last ditch effort I decided to try Acupuncture before I gave up.

And then I met Jamie.  She treated both my husband and myself with acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes and a nutritional overhaul.  I loved her personally and professionally right from the start.   Not only did she understand the entire picture but she treated an unrelated problem that had been disregarded by multiple practitioners.  It ended up that the 'unrelated problem' was the key to many of my issues.  She is, without a doubt, the best medical practitioner I have personally ever worked with.  

A month after I began treatments I became pregnant.  This time, with regular and urgently scheduled appointments, I held the pregnancy. Ten months after I met and began treatments with Jamie I gave birth to Pearl, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.  Thanks, I believe, entirely to Jamie's approach to acupuncture, infertility and holistic treatments I am living my dream of Motherhood and cherishing every moment."

– Jennifer O., Yelp Review, Pioneer, CA


"The other yelpers are right! After six months of increasing and constant pain with my shoulder and arm - physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, cortisone shot all did nothing.  In ONE visit the pain lessened CONSIDERABLY and the mobility increased perhaps 40%.  It has continued to increase the mobility and the pain has decreased - after a second treatment even better.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jamie - highly professional, skilled, and knowledgeable."

– Susan C., Yelp Review, Alameda, CA

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